toDIYfor – Copper Fur Chair


Can you believe I found that chair on the side of the road?

Well it didn’t look like that originally…

I get this from my mom. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve been driving down the road and she would yell to my dad: “We have to turn around!” 80% of the time upon closer look … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Watermelon Cocktail & Cup


Things just taste better when served in a watermelon. Need I say more?

Check out this simple recipe for a watermelon cocktail.

I brought it to the beach and got some weird stares–worth it.

Full tutorial here.


I need a fanny pack


Spending $10 on a fanny pack could have saved me almost $1000.

I just got back from Boots and Hearts. It’s a HUGE country music festival in the middle of an open field near Barrie, ON.

Now I had heard stories of how wild things get;however, that didn’t stop me from showing up alone. I believe this was my first mistake. … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Bachelorette Glasses


These were made with the intention of being used at my sister-in-laws bachelorette… Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Turns out most of the drinks were had while out at the bars…

BONUS–a group of girls walking around with one in a white dress, sash, veil, ‘bride’ buttons, and beads will have an abundance of drinks bought for them.

The girls LOVED these glasses, which were pretty easy to make. We ended up using them the day of the wedding at the head table!

Watch the full tutorial here.


toDIYfor – Hammock Swing


This DIY could not have gone more wrong. There is a reason several beers were consumed while attempting to make it.

Let’s just say, fishing line works as a good substitute for thread and my sister no longer has an emergency blanket in her van.

Regardless, the end product was pretty sweet!

Check out the full tutorial here. 


toDIYfor – Travel Pouch

travel pouch

If your as disorganized as I am–this should come in handy for any traveling you have coming up.

You can make this travel pouch for your toiletries and jewellery for about $3.

I quickly threw it together for my speedy trip to the Rockies for Canada Day.

Check it out here. 


Mouse Trap


This contraption reminds me of the game I played as a kid.

Looked a little something like this.

mouse trap

A friend of mine sent me these photos after his roommate saw a mouse in his room. Quite the trap, eh? … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Neon Sign

foxy lady

A neon sign makes a party more fun, just ask my friend Matt.

I made this for him. No, I didn’t take a glass blowing course…it’s simply a light up neon wire I ordered off of Amazon.

I’ll show you how I made it into a sign here.

If you’re wondering…He lives on Foxley Road; hence, the play on ‘foxy lady’. It was a hit at their latest backyard party. You obviously need one.


Potato Salad


My younger brother is getting married this year, so we had a Stag and Doe a few weeks back.

Once the lights turned on and we kicked everyone out it was time to sober up and help clean up.

Naturally there were coolers full of roast beef and trays full of macaroni and potato salad left over–better to have too much than too little, right? Trucks got filled up with games, leftovers, and stumbling people.

My brother (the one who isn’t getting married) and I decided to have another drink on the patio once we got home. I get this message from my sister around 2 or 3 am. … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Rag Rug Beach Bag

beach bag

Big monster bags are necessary for a day at the beach.

I made this one with two rugs and an old belt.

In the process I may or may not have broken my sewing machine..

Check it out here. 

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