$1000 for the best Roommate ever..

Seems like a small price to pay.

Finding a roommate should not be taken lightly… Learn from me.

In my last year of college I managed to experience the best roommate ever. The guy who lived upstairs with a kid, who left pizza boxes everywhere and dishes in the kitchen for weeks. So I moved my kitchen doings to the laundry room…lets just say I wasn’t much of a chef. Then after he moved out, my landlord took it upon himself to move in and have friends over…Leaving me and Karen no choice. Let’s have parties and break lights (okay that was an accident). Then things in the house started disappearing: couches, stools, and the bathroom locked. That was an awesome 4 months of my life.

 Which leads me to my next point: make sure you pick a good roommate and be very precise in what you are looking for like this guy:

If you want to see the full add or check out more outrageous add find them here.

  1. will says:

    mate do you have a twitter?