A New Appreciation For Swimmers

So I’ve recently started working out at the gym. This has made me realize that I suck at a lot of things.. simple things at that.

So in my efforts to work out I’ve tried to take advantage of everything at the gym–including the pool. You’d think: “Oh a nice, refreshing, relaxing work out in the pool”. Completely wrong.

Now this may be because of one of two things:

a) I’ve never taken swimming lessons

b) I was hungover

Me doing some lengths of the pool turned into me flopping around like some sort of cat in the water, gasping for breath, and smashing my head. You see

I was alternating between a front crawl and a backstroke. While I was doing the backstroke I see the life guard waving and yelling something–but clearly I can’t hear a damn thing with my ears under water, until–SMACK. The back of my head smoked the side of the pool… She was trying to warn me. Out of embarrassment I completely ignored the life guard and started back into a front crawl. I’ll tell you one thing–cement hurts.

Thus bringing me to my final point–I’ll never be a good swimmer… And I’m okay with that.. Cause I can still swim with a beer in my hand.. and drink it at the same time–now that’s talent.

*Note to self – never swim backwards in a pool again.