My love for music and entertaining starts all the way back when my sister would catch me dancing on her bed singing into a hairbrush while listening to her mix tapes.

I went from the bedroom to the stage! I began singing and performing in talent shows once I learned to play the guitar.

Already this career has taken me to a few radio stations and to places I thought I would never go–Yellowknife! It’s amazing. After a few summers driving a cruiser around for stations in Midwestern Ontario, it was time for me to get my first announcing gig. It took me to the great white north. I managed to make my way back to Ontario with an Evening/Swing job in Owen Sound. From there I moved to Middays at a Country station, then to Mornings in Niagara Falls to try out CHR. I went back to Classic Rock in London before making my way back into Mornings in Niagara. I’ve been at Counrty 89 since the launch in February of 2015.

Outside of work I love to stay active with sports in the community; plus, it’s a great way to meet new people. Also, I’m a big nerd–I’m a craft nerd. I love doing DIY projects. Jewelry…clothing…decor…you name it! I run my own YouTube tutorial channel called toDIYfor where I post a new video every Wednesday. Check out my blog for weekly postings on what I am making.

If that is hard to follow, have a look at my Résumé. You can have a listen and look at some of my work as well.

Download My Résumé.