All my furniture came from the side of the road.


Don’t judge. I mean look at this great stuff… just laying around…waiting to be picked up!

The streets of St. Catharines look like this at the end of every April–same goes for any other university/college town. The kids are moving out, and dump all their gross destroyed furniture at the curb. I NEVER did this when I was in school. Every place I lived was always furnished.

So, do you dare pick through the piles and bring something home? I’ve thought about it, but then I remember the couch I had in college…and the friend who hurled all over it after a few too many brews.

You don’t want any of that stuff. If you feel so inclined to try your luck–stay away from mattresses and cloth couches…no amount of Febreeze will cure that stench.

Too bad there is no snow left–I’d be taking one of those mattresses tobogganing down a hill.