Another Successful Family Vacation…

Now the word “successful” may have a different meaning in my eyes than yours. A short list of some of the things that made this years trip a success:

We managed to have a day adventure–this year to some rapids. What we found was probably the furthest thing from rapids.. and instead spent the day in the water on floatation devices with a heavy cooler–returning to the cottage of course once the cooler was empty and myself with a bloody knee. And that night preparing super in a less than sober state; good day.

Managed to put 5 full grown adults on a pedal boat: for what I call the death of my legs.

Broke another tube while doing the signature ‘sling-shot’ move behind the boat (this seems to be a pattern of the last couple years). On the plus side we got a new tube and broke the tradition of someone always puking after a ride–which I think is probably a good thing…less fish and seagulls drawn to the surface.

Starting mornings off right: with a Ceasar..not just on Sundays. And ending the night with team pitchers of whatever we could find.

Took probably half an hour to get a ‘nice’ family picture. The results: my sister looking like she wants to make out with a wooden beaver, my mom in mid sentence, my niece looking away from the camera–you get the point: it was definitely a keeper.

The list goes on. And of course although this year I was unable to be there for the whole trip, and my brother-in-law couldn’t make it at all (which is no fun) I believe the same ridiculous amount of liquor/beer was consumed during the week long trip–the Steeper family always picks up the slack if someone can’t pull their own weight.

And that would be some of the reasons why each and every year all I look forward to is The Cottage.

In previous years…and no, my family isn’t that big…and yes, that’s not even all of it.