Cheapest Gas in a LONG time..

Have you noticed going to the pumps sucks? You’re telling me! In the last week I have noticed prices going down.. I was never so happy to see it lower than a $1.20… But today it was like the Gas Lords decided to throw me a bone. I filled up at $1.07..

WHAT?!? WHERE?!? HOW?!? You ask?

Well it’s all thanks to a lovely co-worker who told me that Canadian Tire had a sale on.. $1.12 with an addiction 5 cents off for some reason.. Perfect! My car has been riding on empty all week.. Any day she would be staling on me (yes this has happened to me before) I like to live life on the edge–what can I say?

So perfect opportunity to blast my tank full of gasoline, right? Not quite.

You see the problem is.. I have a leak in my gas tank. I am only able to fill it up 3/4 without it spilling all over the place and having people tell me I got fluids leaking everywhere,  my car is going to blow up, take it to the mechanic, you’re killing the environment… etc.

None the less I left work immediately and ‘3 quartered up’. If you have ever been to one of these sales, you would notice that it is a whole special operation: Pylons, people directing you in the parking lot, and also signing you up for their gas points card. All in all a great experience.. Minus when the guy sneaked in a pickup line after giving him my number for the free points card..

“So I will pick you up at 7?”


  1. K-RON says:

    HAHAHA “So I will pick you up at 7?” No.