Complimentary Cocaine


Wild party–right? No, this is at my parents house.

I came home for the weekend  and found THAT. A silver goblet style cup filled with white powder–what the hell mom?

Is this some sort of communal cocaine cup for when guests come over? I have friends who put out ‘communal smokes’ in a bowl when they have a party–I’ve never seen anything more ghetto in my life. But they swear by it. “Everyone LOVES it!”

Often when you throw a bash you put out: food, mix, maybe even some booze. So why not drugs?

Okay, obviously it’s not cocaine. Also, I would never actually suggest putting out drugs for your guests.

My mom isn’t home for me to ask why she has a bowl of powered sugar out on the counter–so your guess is as good as mine.

I can only assume we’re out of sugar…so that’s what they’ve been using for their coffee.