I need a fanny pack


Spending $10 on a fanny pack could have saved me almost $1000.

I just got back from Boots and Hearts. It’s a HUGE country music festival in the middle of an open field near Barrie, ON.

Now I had heard stories of how wild things get;however, that didn’t stop me from showing up alone. I believe this was my first mistake.

I arrived on Friday afternoon–with a broken tent my brother had loaned me. Thanks Brian. After MacGyvering it together I set off to get lost in the crowds and capture the experience on my GoPro. Long story short, by the end of the night I was at Lost and Found asking if they had my purse…the one that ‘looks like it came from down south’ (don’t ask).

My purse contained…my license, credit card, debit card, car keys, and my GoPro. ALL gone.

The next morning I again went to Lost and Found–nothing.

For the remainder of the weekend I checked back with them a total of about 23 times. I also looked in every single porta-potty on site. I finally came to terms; realizing I needed to figure out how I was going to get home without my car keys. I don’t have a spare set–because I lost them…

After a few phone calls, I managed to find a key cutter that would do the job on site. It’s expensive…really expensive. Cost me almost $400 dollars for a new, plain jane, key. No more remote start. Luckily  a co-worker joined me at the festival on Saturday and was able to loan me the cash to pay the guy.

So where did I get the $1000 dollars from?

New car key: $375

New house key: $2.50

New license: $30

New GoPro: $500

New mini SD card: $40

Total: $947.50.

Despite all of this…I had a great weekend. Honestly, everyone I met and explained my story to couldn’t believe how happy I was. My mom even tried to guilt trip me into being ‘more responsible’. I’m a lost cause.

Therefore I need a fanny pack. They are cool again…right?