I saw a bird do the front crawl..

I swear I’m not lying.

There’s a first for everything right? This is a story from my recent Cuba trip. Now sure, my boyfriend documented most of the trip in a video… But he didn’t get EVERYTHING.

In fact the Cuba trip was a first for a few of things..

My boyfriend had his first drink throw in his face–hey, what was I supposed to do? He threw me off his shoulders in 2 ft of water..

I went on my first water trampoline. Too bad I couldn’t jump on it.. let a lone stand on it–a few drinks may have been had that day.

I had my first truly awkward moment in a public washroom–the noises that were coming from the stall next to me could not have been made by just one person..

First time I’ve ever ordered trays and trays of something… I swear all we did was order trays of daiquiris and beer after we met our New Brunswick friends.

But to get to the main point of this post. A bird, swimming in the ocean, doing the front crawl! It happened. My boyfriend and I were at the beach one evening watching these pelicans doing their dive fishing all along the shore–it was incredible to watch. Then all of the sudden we see one swimming, and I mean swimming like a human! Doing the front crawl! We couldn’t believe it–we were freaking out.

You don’t believe me, do you? Well you shouldn’t. It was a MAN. Yeah, for a solid minute or two we were watching a man swim–thinking it was legit a bird. I don’t know what to tell you, Cuban rum does strange things to your vision… when you consume copious amount of it that is.

Click the link below to see the video of our trip my boyfriend put together 🙂

Cuba Trip