I was a Mermaid this weekend..


Pretty cool right?

So no, I’m not moving to the Ocean to swim with the fish and make a life underwater…I can barely swim (thanks to my parents never putting me in swimming lessons).

I was at a pool party over the weekend and a friend randomly has this in her car? She said it was just a gag gift–but I’m telling you, this thing was wore in. I think she uses it on a regular basis–and good for her, cause I almost drowned in the damn thing!

I had it on for all of five minutes before it fell off. It didn’t exactly fit…her boyfriend had put it on and used it a few days before–and clearly stretched it out.

And yes–after a few more beers he put it on for us. I’m sorry–I don’t have photo evidence of it…but then again you probably wouldn’t want to see that anyways.

And yeah–it’s the same one Britney Spears owns.