Indoor Voice


Something I don’t have.

I’ve been told on a number of occasions I am loud. It’s usually my brother Adam who says it to me. When I have a few drinks it gets worse.

I’ve always chopped it up to the fact that I’m on the radio–so I naturally project my voice more than most. At least thats the excuse I always give.

A stranger called me out on it this weekend–it got awkward. 

Well, he wasn’t exactly a stranger…a friend of a friend–who I’d just met. We were having a few drinks before going out. I had come back from mixing a new drink sat down on the couch and proceeded with the conversation, when he goes: “Why are you yelling?”

I immediately went red. Thinking “oh crap” am I really that loud right now? I turned to my friend and he said–yeah…she just talks like that.

I tried to whisper after that…but my whisper is like someones normal speaking voice (at best).