It’s NOT okay that you brush your teeth in the shower..


Do you do this? I’m sorry, but it’s weird. I didn’t think this was actually a thing until I moved in with my roommate. I noticed it immediately. A toothbrush sitting on the shelf in our shower.

It’s weird right–or is it just me?

Now you could argue it saves time–one less thing to do once you hop out of the shower. Sure, I guess.

It’t not even a hygiene thing for me (as you might have guessed). My tooth brush sits about 3 feet from hers on the vanity. I’m sure it picks up all the same kind of bacteria.

For me, it’s the fact she is brushing her teeth with hot water. GROSS. Have you ever done this before? I did once–by accident. It felt wrong it so many ways. And don’t tell me: “Oh she could be taking cold showers.” No one takes cold showers.

Only ice cold water should be used to brush your teeth–they just feel fresher.