Just my luck.

 The joys of having a vehicle include.. making sure that vehicle has gas in it–so you don’t get stranded.. Apparently. I’m not very good at this. BUT in y defense, I don’t think this was entirely my fault. I blame the gas light, the indicator we all rely on as a last minute scream from your car: “I’m Thirsty!!”… But I didn’t even receive that plea; my car instead, decided to play games with me and run out of gas unexpectingly. Let me explain.

I was driving back from Hamilton, and I knew there was much cheaper gas along the way than what I was seeing so I figured–my light isn’t on yet, I don’t have to worry. WRONG. My car started sputtering..chugging..then just quit. I lost power steering and was riding on momentum (luckily going downhill) when I rounded the corner and bam, a gas station! Perfect. I managed to crawl into the station. Proceed to throw $60 into my gas guzzling car, but nothing was coming out of the pump. The station is closed. What? Before 9pm on a Tuesday night?

Here’s where I started to get a little angrier… I look across the street: An open gas station… Kitty corner to where I am: Another open gas station… Why did I pick the only closed one?!? So I crossed the street to see if they had a gas can I could just borrow–nope. That’s when I contemplated getting a paper cup, filling it with gas, and trying to dump that in my tank. But really: “How ghetto and sketchy can you get Janel?” I decided to bite the bullet and buy an overpriced can, fill it, and walk back over to my car and pray that this was the problem.

After successfully pouring more gasoline all over my body than in tank… my car started! This however followed with a loud outburst of curing and swearing–I’m sure passersby stared oddly at me.

So to sum it all up:
The half hour fiasco, that cost me an extra $7 , could have been no problem if….

1. My cars gas gauge worked properly
2. The gas station I went to had normal hours like the rest of the world.

That being said.. this was seriously all best case scenario–it could have been much worse…

Have I learned my lesson, probably not.. it’s the second time I’ve run completely dry of gas…