Long Overdue.

Well you can blame me, I have ignored you, and for that I apologize… No actually I blame the north–it does crazy things to you.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, I live in Yellowknife now–NO that is not in the Yukon. Why would I do such a thing? Obviously because I wanted to hang with the polar bears and freeze my ass off. Oh wait I hate the cold.

Just a quick update

Yes, Yellowknife if cold. There has been snow here since October…

I moved here for a job CJCD Mix 100.

I dog sled to work.

I am hoping to ride a polar bear at some point–its a sport up here eh?

Recreational activies include: Drinking and……

The current temperature is -23…factor in that windchill -34 Why am I wearing tights today?

So there it is… I promise though, more to come including some pictures from my going away party–which by the way included a blow up doll for my Boyfriend…So you know it was good–yeah that’s my family.