Mouse Trap


This contraption reminds me of the game I played as a kid.

Looked a little something like this.

mouse trap

A friend of mine sent me these photos after his roommate saw a mouse in his room. Quite the trap, eh?  I think even PeeWee Herman would be impressed. He called it his “DIY Mouse Trap”. I’m guessing he felt the need to send me this ‘amazing’ trap because I’m a self proclaimed DIY nerd.


Surely this took his WAY longer than it would have to simply walk down the road to the hardware store (which I know is about 2 mins from his house) and pick up a trap that would actually work.

**SIDE NOTE** Why his entire kitchen cupboard is also on the floor in the background (ie. roasting pan, soap, and refrigerator crisper, etc.) is beyond me.

He never told me if he caught the mouse…but my guess is–he’ll find it in his bed soon enough 😉