Okay, so it’s been a while…

The biggest reason for that would be because I did a complete 180 with my life.

For starters I no longer work for a TV station in Niagara, I work for a radio station in Wingham.. Don’t know where that is; ‘Google it’. But I will save you the trouble, no where significant, and if you don’t already know where it is, there’s a reason…it’s in the middle of nowhere. But it has all the essentials in town:

Grocery Store-check, Beer Store-check, LCBO-check. So I am set.

So I had to pack up my things, and have recently settled into my very own place–for the first time might I add. It’s a lovely bachelor apartment which I happen to like very much…minus the lack of handles on all my cupboards in the kitchen: odd.

And I finally got my internet hooked up yesterday. So I am back baby. But this time in big old Wingham.