I take it back.

All the praise about the smelly electrician fixing my bathroom light–I take it back. Why you ask?

First off he made the light in my bathroom work, but only for one day. I know am back to showers in the dark.

Secondly he smelled.

Thirdly he is back tomorrow–lets hope he actually fixes it. And instead of money, we should spray him with febreze, or better yet give him a car air freshener to spruce up his smell.


New Bedroom Please?


The electrician came!

I never thought I would be so happy to see an old hairy man, that smelled like smoke. The electrician…

So let me explain. For the last couple of weeks or so all of my bathroom activities have been in the dark–very difficult to shave your legs properly by the way. The reason being, all six of our lights in the bathroom crapped out on us one day…and no they did not just burn out. So with no window for some natural light we relied on a small lamp to do the trick.

Turns out just crappy wiring. I have never been soo happy to see a light switch work when I flicked it. Things are coming up Janel, tomorrow is going to be a good day. In my shower I will actually be able to see what I am doing. Thank you Mr. Electrician man… even though you smelled like old cigarette butts.


Good pickup line

Small talk. For some, you might wish they never opened their mouths… One guy in particular: “Blue Car”. First it’s the weather, then it’s the pot holes… Then he took it a step too far.

I’m cleaning off my on a windy day, next thing I know I see Blue Car running over to me. “Has anyone ever told you you look good in a storm? Something about the wind, makes your hair look great.” Is this guy serious? “Nope, havn’t heard that one before.”

I hope he doesn’t try that one again. Success rate = 0.


Parking Issues

Today I had someone knock on my door “Is that your white car on the street” Yeah it is. And how could this possibly be a problem?

This guy had the nerve to tell me to move it because that was ‘his’ spot. Well the last time I checked ANYONE can park on the street… but then again who am I to know anything, its not like I have driven a car for 5 years… This got me thinking.

Parking my car has always been somewhat of a hassle, whether it is having to pay at the lot (I don’t like spending money), tight parking, or someone stealing my spot. But never, have I ever, decided to get revenge, I think I might next time.


Is a 3L jar of mustard really necessary for one person?

That’s what I found when I opened my fridge today

— By the way I live in a house with 3 roommates, 2 of which I don’t really know.

So I am going to assume the mustard belongs to the guy. But seriously, a 3L jar/container…I don’t even think a family like that ’31 and Counting Family’ buy that big of a mustard container.


Hit up the dance floor to this!

I know I would like to next time I am out. It’s quite a catchy beat…Plus, you can’t beat ‘winning’. You can’t go wrong with Charlie Sheen. <link


If you don’t remember it…it still happened

Ever wonder why those Chip Wagons on the side of the road always have the tastiest, greasiest food? Well its because the chefs like to drink….A LOT. … Continue Reading


Plastic Wrap Your Banana

Seems quite unnecessary right?

Del Monte has come up with individual plastic packaging for bananas, because you know, the peel isn’t good enough. So instead of buying the prepackaged bananas, just put some good old saran wrap on the bananas and… I bet they taste fresher! And while your at it, wrap everything in your lunch in plastic wrap…maybe even double wrap it to be safe.



Well this is it. The beginning of the end…

I have caved into society demands to be ‘hip’ ‘cool’ and start blogging. Yep, I am a sell out.

No, I just like to tell stories, even if it is at the expense of my embarrassment. Before we get into that though, a bit about me. I was born and raised on the farm, loved every minute of it…and no I do not have horses on my farm. But I was also born and raised on music. Lived it, breathed it, and picked up a guitar and started singing at a young age. I later on discovered that I could get paid for listening to the radio, which was already something I did quite regularly, it was really a win win situation. So I got into broadcasting.

Now basically this blog will be filled with the daily findings of Janel Steeper. It may just be an embarrassing story (that maybe down the road I will regret sharing) but really what good is the story if you don’t tell it? Or a funny or odd news story, like today:

Baby Gaga… No shes not pregnant. Its worse, much worse… Breast milk Ice cream. Sold in Britain, served in a martini glass for 14 pounds per serving, or about $22 for us Canucks.

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