The cops got called during my wine tour


NO, I wasn’t the reason the cops got called.

To Canadians, the May 2-4 weekend is an excuse to drink. Who am I kidding, a long weekend in general is an excuse to drink. There’s something about the May long weekend though. It may be the fact that it’s the unofficial kick off to summer after a long cold winter–and things can get crazy.

Because my birthday is May 25th, I typically use the long weekend as an excuse to get some friends together for a wild time. This year, we decided to go on an adventure to Pelee Island. … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Wedding Decor

wedding chairs

No, I’m not getting married–but my brother is!

My mom also decorates weddings…so this DIY came naturally. Obviously having a wedding comes with a hefty price tag. An easy way to trim that down, is doing some of the decor on your own.

It may seem daunting–but its incredibly easy to throw together centre pieces. All you need to do is steal some flowers from your mom’s garden and do some shopping at the Dollar Store.

Check out a few of my ideas here. 


toDIYfor – Fringe Vest

finge vest

I mostly love this vest because I feel like a hippy. That, and it makes me feel like I actually went to Coachella this year….maybe one day.

As per usual, this is something that is very ‘in’ right now–but too expensive if you ask me.

I grabbed some faux suede for about $15 and began cutting!

I did make a few mistakes along the way… so learn from mine–and make your own!

Full tutorial is here. 



All my furniture came from the side of the road.


Don’t judge. I mean look at this great stuff… just laying around…waiting to be picked up!

The streets of St. Catharines look like this at the end of every April–same goes for any other university/college town. … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – 5 Easy Bracelets

5 bracelets

I may have a slight obsession with bracelets…

My jewelry making stock pile is getting out of hand…but we won’t talk about that.

You can make a number of these in a matter of minutes with supplies from the dollar store–which is a bonus.  Plus basically all of them can be turned into anklets…you just need to make them a little bigger.

Take a look–and stack your wrist!

Check out the full tutorial here. 




…at least according to my journal entry from 2001.

I recently stumbled upon a few glitter covered books buried deep beneath a pile of junk (treasures) from my childhood. These are the journals filled with my deepest, darkest, secretes that I kept strategically hidden in my room. Once private…now public.

As part of my morning show at Country 89 I’ve decided to share ‘Janel’s Journals’ with the world in a weekly statement.

I may regret this…we’ll see.

In advance I’d like to apologize to Kurt…Kay…Jason…Kyle…Mark… … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Mother’s Day Gifts

mothers day gift

When you were 4, you likely made mom a gift for Mother’s Day which consisted of some dry macaroni and white glue.

Maybe you even ate a bit in the process of making it…don’t worry–we all did.

Years later–why not make her a gift…without said macaroni.

I threw together 2 quick, easy, and cheap gift ideas for mom’s who like to cook/bake and entertain.

Each cost less than $5.

Check it out here. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


Snip Snip.


I took the  plunge. CHOPPED it all of. I’m still in shock.

For years I’ve been growing my hair out in hopes of one day becoming Rapunzal. It never happened. It never seemed to grow much past my boobs. In the past I’ve turned to dying my hair, getting a perm, or getting bangs to cure my boredom.

This time I turned to scissors. … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Dollar Store Decor


Don’t worry–no dinosaurs were hurt in the making of this video.

I had some fun with a few items from the dollar store and made some cheap decor for my place.

Magnets – $2

Starburst mirror -$3

Check out the full tutorial here. 



Complimentary Cocaine


Wild party–right? No, this is at my parents house.

I came home for the weekend  and found THAT. A silver goblet style cup filled with white powder–what the hell mom?

Is this some sort of communal cocaine cup for when guests come over? I have friends who put out ‘communal smokes’ in a bowl when they have a party–I’ve never seen anything more ghetto in my life. But they swear by it. “Everyone LOVES it!”

Often when you throw a bash you put out: food, mix, maybe even some booze. So why not drugs?

Okay, obviously … Continue Reading

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