toDIYfor – String Art

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 7.12.52 PM

This is a great DIY if you have some time and don’t mind smashing your fingers a bunch.

It does take a while to hammer all those nails in, but totally worth it. PLUS you can’t beat the price! This cost me maybe $7 to make (thats because the dresser knobs I bought).

So get ready for some black and blue nails–and a kick ass new room decor piece.

Check it out here. 


toDIYfor – Woody from Toy Story Halloween Costume

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.19.05 PM

Want to see me ride a horse? Okay.. well it’s not a real horse. It’s my nieces rocking horse. I don’t know how I didn’t break it.

So this is my Halloween costume this year. Super simple–really. I’ve even got my own Buzz Lightyear; although, she’s got a much hotter costume than me.

Whatever Halloween is always freezing in Canada.

Check it out here. 



I got demoted to the ‘Kids Table’ at Thanksgiving..


Have you ever eaten at the kids table–as an adult?

It’s like a zoo. You might as well say goodbye to plates, table cloths, and your hearing.

My parents hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year for the ‘Steeper Family’. There was likely 25-30 people over? So I get it, not easy to find a place for everyone to eat. By the time my cousin and I had filled our plates, I looked around.

Kitchen table–full.



I looked at my mom. What, this means we got demoted to the kids table? YUP.

At 25 I never thought … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Necklaces

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.42.02 AM

This week I whipped up some necklaces from some old jewelry.

Both of them took a mater of minutes to make and actually turned out really well. Not sure if my grandma would be happy I had to rip the backs of some of her earrings and broaches to make the one necklace.. but I’m sorry broaches are ugly–and now I can wear a piece of her with me.

Check out my video here. 

And yeah–I’m still really awkward when shooting this stuff.


toDIYfor – MORE Fall Decor

Fall 2

Here’s round two of some fall decor ideas. SUPER cheap as everything was either from the dollar store.. or found in my backyard.

Also, there was a huge FAIL in this video. The leaf bowl.. didn’t really work out. Anyone who has actually been able to recreate photos on Pinterest–I salute you!

Check it out here. 


Soo I almost killed my mom


I woke up on Sunday morning after a long night of drinking. Only thought in my head–I NEED WATER.

You know how great that ice cold, thirst quenching, pure, clean drink tastes after slugging back rye all night? Well my water tasted like wine. I wanted to hurl. My friend, who I’d also just poured a glass for, didn’t seem to agree…and my dad, well he just said “you’re still drunk”. After about 5 minutes I took a sip again. WINE. I made my dad try it. He smelt it and tasted it too.

What the hell is going on?

All the sudden it triggers! … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Fall decor


So fall is officially here! Don’t worry I’m not going to cram pumpkin spice everything down your throat–I don’t go to Starbucks. It’s too expensive.

Precisely why everything in my DIY was either

  • A – picked up at the dollar store
  • B – found scavenging outside

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toDIYfor – Wine Glasses

Wine glasses thumbnail

Who doesn’t want to look even classier while you down a bottle (or two) of wine?

These glasses are super simple to make–you could even make them after drinking said bottle (or two) of wine.

Not only will you see how I created these glasses (and failed twice in the process) but you will also see me down a bottle on my own. I had no friends who could shoot this for me. I cannot tell you how awkward it is shooting yourself drinking wine–alone–in your bedroom. It’s not so weird once the buzz kicks in. … Continue Reading


It’s NOT okay that you brush your teeth in the shower..


Do you do this? I’m sorry, but it’s weird. I didn’t think this was actually a thing until I moved in with my roommate. I noticed it immediately. A toothbrush sitting on the shelf in our shower.

It’s weird right–or is it just me?

Now you could argue it saves time–one less thing to do once you hop out of the shower. Sure, I guess.

It’t not even a hygiene thing for me (as you might have guessed). My tooth brush sits about 3 feet from hers on the vanity. I’m sure it picks up all the same kind of bacteria.

For me, it’s the fact … Continue Reading


I have a Love/Hate relationship with the Dollar Store


I go to the dollar store about once a week–it’s a little embarrassing. Now I could tell you it’s because I need to pick up supplies for my new DIY project (which it usually is), but even before I started my toDIYfor You Tube channel I went WAY too often. I  won’t lie–I’ve bought makeup there before; it was alright.

I’ve easily spent 40 minutes in there aimlessly walking the aisles–but do you realize how much stuff they sell? Plus there get new things all the time! It’s amazing. I’d be forking over SO much money for my DIYs (and other stuff) if stores like Dollarama and Dollar Tree didn’t exist.

But there are just some things you shouldn’t buy at the dollar store…like wire cutters.

So I could tell you I am just that strong…or I could tell you the truth. … Continue Reading

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