toDIYfor – Scarf into a Kimono

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I turned a $3 dollar scarf into this beauty! Dollar store clothes–maybe I’ll make my own line.

It’s really quite easy–just check out my tutorial here. 

Watch me ‘model’ very awkwardly and you’re in for a treat at the end. … Continue Reading


I was a Mermaid this weekend..


Pretty cool right?

So no, I’m not moving to the Ocean to swim with the fish and make a life underwater…I can barely swim (thanks to my parents never putting me in swimming lessons).

I was at a pool party over the weekend and a friend randomly has this in her car? She said it was just a gag gift–but I’m telling you, this thing was wore in. I think she uses it on a regular basis–and good for her, cause I almost drowned in the damn thing! … Continue Reading


toDIYfor – Jewellery Frame


So here is this weeks DIY.

I turned an old thrift store frame into a jewellery organizer.

It’s very handy to have–especially when you own as much jewellery as I do.

Can we just talk for a minute about the word jewellery? Or is is jewelry.

I googled how Canadian’s spell it for about 15 minutes…and it took that long because I couldn’t find a straight answer.

I concluded that normally the Canadian way is the longest way to spell things… (colour vs color…or flavour vs. flavor). So I went with jewellery–deal with it.

Check the video out here.


There is a reason I look at the weather 8 times a day…

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Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m a little obsessed with the weather. I probably check my weather app a good 5-10 times a day.

Well my obsession saved my friend and I $50–let me explain.

… Continue Reading


I made a YouTube channel

insta for Tissue Balls

After wanting to make one for about a year–I finally did it.

In June I launched toDIYfor. Clever right? 😉

I’ve always loved to make crafts (mostly because I’m cheap). I guess it keeps me busy too. So I decided why don’t I video tape it and share my ideas with the world.

So I’ve committed to making one video a week. Every Wednesday you can check out my channel for a new video. Sometimes the DIYs work… and sometimes not so much.

I’m having a lot of fun with it. Here’s the video everyone seems to be loving the most. … Continue Reading


Why I hate going to the hairdresser

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Most women LOVE getting pampered and going to get their ‘hair did’–not me.

You see, for one it’s expensive–and I’m cheap.

Secondly, that expensive hair you just paid for looks nothing like the photo you brought in.  … Continue Reading


What Level of “Skin Seeing” are you okay with..?

Yeah, I’d never heard it before either..

So I am on the hunt for a new roommate, and posted an ad to Kijiji specifying I was looking for a FEMALE roommate..

Clearly this guy didn’t care about my caps lock. This is a response I got:

… Continue Reading


Why I almost left my boyfriend at the airport.

Leave it to my boyfriend to almost ruin our vacation. Here’s what happened:

We booked a last minute trip to Bahamas. Surprise, surprise we were running a little late by the time we got to the airport. The line ups didn’t help. So by the time we got our tickets, went through customs, and got to our departure gate, had had JUST enough time to grab a quick bite to eat. I’m talking 10 minutes before we were about to board. As soon as we sat down a couple sitting across from us points to my boyfriend saying: “Oh you dropped your ticket.” Steve bends over to pick it up and put it back in his inside pocket with his passport.

But wait. His passport wasn’t there. Why? Because his coat doesn’t have an inside pocket! NO INSIDE POCKET. How did he mess this up? It’s beyond me. We’re now down to 8 minutes until we board…and Steve has no passport. He rushed to the food stand, the store we had stopped in, and the bathroom. Nothing. So he told someone who made a nice big embarrassing announcement about the lost passport. Sure enough a minute later they called him up–someone had found it.

HUGE sigh of relief. And the first thing he did once he got it? “Here, you take this.”

I have a feeling every single time we travel from now one I’ll be in charge of anything important.


Why I’m the person you want in an emergency situation…

Those aren’t even my words…my brother-in-law said it after this happened.

On our family cottage vacation, as usual, we headed out to some cliffs to do some jumping.. To do this we need to anchor the boat off shore and swim to the rock. Since I was in the bow, I started pulling the line and anchor out. Throw the anchor overboard and sure enough my boyfriend had left his GoPro camera on top of the line. Yeah, it went overboard. So here’s my options…

… Continue Reading


So a cabbie made me cry.

Does it sound any better if I tell you I was slightly intoxicated… No, you’re right–it doesn’t.

So how does a cab driver make one cry? After a night out drinking with friends, my boyfriend and I hopped into a cab with some friends. I got stuck sitting in the front. … Continue Reading

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