Asked out twice in one night!

This is reason #476 that I LOVE my job.

You get calls like this 🙂

Asking me out #1

Asking me out #2

I received those calls within 10 minutes of each other and it 100% made my night. I’m sure just some buddies having fun; however, looking back on it, the guy who was offering champagne.. I should have took him up on it! Free booze and a full moon; I’m in! He caught me off guard is all. I’ll be prepared next time..


The Nudest Colony I visited on family vacation..

Never a dull moment when you’re with the Steeper family on vacation. So my parents rented a cottage again–and the trip was amazing! Always something new to experience… and I’d have to save the ratio of naked to not naked far exceeded any previous trip.

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The Nipple Shirt

So last weekend I went to Sauble Beach to soak up some sun, get my tan on, and go for a swim. Now I realize when you go to the beach you need to be prepared for anything–and I’ve seen it all… Men in Speedos, topless women, nip slips, naked kids. It’s just what happens. But I stumbled upon an entirely new breed this time.

Now I wish I had taken a photo–but I just couldn’t stop laughing. The man beside us felt it was necessary for him to roll shirt up just enough to expose his sexy nipples and non-existent abs….He even went as far to roll it back up when it feel down once.

Now I’m not entirely sure why this man didn’t just take off his shirt off. Only reason I can think of … Continue Reading


Just my luck.

 The joys of having a vehicle include.. making sure that vehicle has gas in it–so you don’t get stranded.. Apparently. I’m not very good at this. BUT in y defense, I don’t think this was entirely my fault. I blame the gas light, the indicator we all rely on as a last minute scream from your car: “I’m Thirsty!!”… But I didn’t even receive that plea; my car instead, decided to play games with me and run out of gas unexpectingly. Let me explain.

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Cheapest Gas in a LONG time..

Have you noticed going to the pumps sucks? You’re telling me! In the last week I have noticed prices going down.. I was never so happy to see it lower than a $1.20… But today it was like the Gas Lords decided to throw me a bone. I filled up at $1.07..

WHAT?!? WHERE?!? HOW?!? You ask?

Well it’s all thanks to a lovely co-worker who told me that Canadian Tire had a sale on.. $1.12 with an addiction 5 cents off for some reason.. Perfect! My car has been riding on empty all week.. Any day she would be staling on me (yes this has happened to me before) I like to live life on the edge–what can I say?

So perfect opportunity to blast my tank full of gasoline, right? Not quite.

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Polar Bear Spray…It’s a necessity

Well I am coming up on the 5 month mark of living in Yellowknife. It has flown by–feels just like yesterday that I sweating buckets wearing this on a warm September night in Ontario…

Maybe this needs a little explanation–No that is not a monster, and yes that is what I look like every day heading to work in the Great White North.

This is my family giving me the proper send off complete with 17 layers of clothes to keep me warm, and who could forget the polar bear spray. My favourite piece of clothing–my brother-in-laws used red long johns (complete with a butt flap) And let me tell you those things are not as easy as you think to use! I wore those the rest of the night, but he wouldn’t let me keep them. I am happy to say I am now the proud owner of a pair of my own, thanks to my best friend.

It’s my family at it’s best. They even remembered my boyfriend. Supplying him with a blow-up doll in my absence. By the end of the night I found him face down laying on top of her–don’t ask.

That’s how we Steepers do–DOMINO smile!


Long Overdue.

Well you can blame me, I have ignored you, and for that I apologize… No actually I blame the north–it does crazy things to you.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, I live in Yellowknife now–NO that is not in the Yukon. Why would I do such a thing? Obviously because I wanted to hang with the polar bears and freeze my ass off. Oh wait I hate the cold.

Just a quick update

Yes, Yellowknife if cold. There has been snow here since October…

I moved here for a job CJCD Mix 100.

I dog sled to work.

I am hoping to ride a polar bear at some point–its a sport up here eh?

Recreational activies include: Drinking and……

The current temperature is -23…factor in that windchill -34 Why am I wearing tights today?

So there it is… I promise though, more to come including some pictures from my going away party–which by the way included a blow up doll for my Boyfriend…So you know it was good–yeah that’s my family.


$1000 for the best Roommate ever..

Seems like a small price to pay.

Finding a roommate should not be taken lightly… Learn from me.

In my last year of college I managed to experience the best roommate ever. The guy who lived upstairs with a kid, who left pizza boxes everywhere and dishes in the kitchen for weeks. So I moved my kitchen doings to the laundry room…lets just say I wasn’t much of a chef. Then after he moved out, my landlord took it upon himself to move in and have friends over…Leaving me and Karen no choice. Let’s have parties and break lights (okay that was an accident). Then things in the house started disappearing: couches, stools, and the bathroom locked. That was an awesome 4 months of my life.

 Which leads me to my next point: make sure you pick a good roommate and be very precise in what you are looking for like this guy:

If you want to see the full add or check out more outrageous add find them here.


A man in a Tutu can only be a good thing, right?

What would you think if you saw a man in a tutu walking around? For me, I wouldn’t think much of it. I mean I live in Wingham, there are some pretty odd people walking around here on a day to day basis. Hell, a guy I work with voluntarily went into a Mr. Beautiful contest on the weekend. Put on a wedding dress, wig, and shook what his mama gave him; literally, scared me for life.

Well apparently this is not that uncommon. A guy in the states likes to walk around in a tutu…but it doesn’t stop there, he also wears a bunny suit with it. His neighbours say he also throws on the cowboy suit in his backyard on occasion.

Here’s where it gets a bit weird, he doesn’t just do it in the privacy of his own home…he takes that shit to the streets. Police warned the man after a woman said she saw him dressed in the costume, peeking at her young son from behind a tree and pointing his finger like a gun. That kid will always hate the Easter Bunny, or will take a liking to the idea; maybe mix it up and dress like the Tooth Fairy.


Another Successful Family Vacation…

Now the word “successful” may have a different meaning in my eyes than yours. A short list of some of the things that made this years trip a success:

We managed to have a day adventure–this year to some rapids. What we found was probably the furthest thing from rapids.. and instead spent the day in the water on floatation devices with a heavy cooler–returning to the cottage of course once the cooler was empty and myself with a bloody knee. And that night preparing super in a less than sober state; good day.

Managed to put 5 full grown adults on a pedal boat: for what I call the death of my legs.

Broke another tube while doing the signature ‘sling-shot’ move behind the boat (this seems to be a pattern of the last couple years). On the plus side we got a new tube and broke the tradition of someone always puking after a ride–which I think is probably a good thing…less fish and seagulls drawn to the surface.

Starting mornings off right: with a Ceasar..not just on Sundays. And ending the night with team pitchers of whatever we could find.

Took probably half an hour to get a ‘nice’ family picture. The results: my sister looking like she wants to make out with a wooden beaver, my mom in mid sentence, my niece looking away from the camera–you get the point: it was definitely a keeper.

The list goes on. And of course although this year I was unable to be there for the whole trip, and my brother-in-law couldn’t make it at all (which is no fun) I believe the same ridiculous amount of liquor/beer was consumed during the week long trip–the Steeper family always picks up the slack if someone can’t pull their own weight.

And that would be some of the reasons why each and every year all I look forward to is The Cottage.

In previous years…and no, my family isn’t that big…and yes, that’s not even all of it.

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