I love my answering machine.

Well I guess it wasn’t MY answering machine, but my old place of work’s answering machine. I get the feeling this guy really liked us. Have a listen.

NNTV Voicemail

I only wish it had be longer. Haha


Since I work for The Bull… I found this fitting..

Looking back on the evening: perhaphs this was the best idea I have had in a long time. For some unknown reason I have had an obsession with oversized ugly animals made of cement being placed on peoples lawns… However I would never disgrace my own home by putting such a thing on display on the front yard or at the end of the laneway. I’m just to classy for that.

The way I see it, these things are meant to be riden. So while gallivanting through the night I found this, and fullfilled my dream…

And clearly you can see how much joy this brought to me.


Better than waking up in the drunk tank.

A lady in Arizona was found by a family in a park with no pants on; but she had a T-shirt on (which was rolled up over her boobs). Police found her smelling of alcohol and with an empty bottle of Vodka next to her. The reason for a lack of clothes? The lady said she was “just trying to cool off.” And what better way to do so with a nice glass of vodka and a personal no-pants-party.

Needless to say she had one hell of a night… Check out the article.


Hot weather means people take their clothes off…

So the warm weather is finally here.. and today it was like freakin Cuba in Canada…

Minus the free drinks–which would have been nice. The point being is: hot weather isn’t always a good thing.

Example #1: In a search to find a friends place, while walking down the street; I passed by a large, sweaty, hairy man driving his car…no shirt. Let’s hope he had pants on.

Example #2: (Oddly enough also happened while in search for a friends place) So it’s night time and I cannot see the numbers on the house..Think I found the place. I walk up to the front door (which is a window basically) to find some lady in her underwear come down the stairs…I jumped in the bushes.. Checked the number on the house. Wrong house.

Let’s just say I saw a lot more of people than I wanted to. And people should keep their clothes on.. or get doors that are not windows.. Or maybe it’s just because I live in a town called Wingham.


Back on Youtube

Since I received a microphone from my amazing boyfriend I have decided it is time for me to get back on Youtube. It’s only been 2 years since I posted a video.. I think I was due.

So know you can not only read what I have to say but listen. Basically it’s just me and my guitar (hence the new mic makes that all sound much better than the built in I was previously using). I have no original stuff, so I just do covers. Also very open to suggestions.. Check out my video(s) and let me know what you think… and leave me a comment here on what song to cover next–But I don’t want suggestions of songs that suck…just saying.


What better way to spend you 21st Birthday…

Than with your parents and little brother showing up at your apartment with a cooler filled with drinks.

One things for sure the Steeper family does it right.

Well it was my first birthday away from home…but I was lucky enough to have home come to me. Living in little old Wingham, it gets pretty boring on any given day let alone your 21st Birthday…

But all around I would have to say it was not a disappointment. With a wide variety of choices on where to eat I chose dinner at The Anchor (the only place in town to eat). Then the four of us headed back to my BACHELOR apartment where we sat in the dark and cold–since I am poor. Don’t get me wrong all around a great night spent with family and laughs, wouldn’t have it any other way…and I think my mom celebrated my birthday more than me…haha.

21-Holy crap I’m old.


Finally updated the site

So I have officially figured out how to upload videos to my site–I must be a little incompetent; it took me way to long to figure out how to do that. None the less new videos are up for you to see! Check out my reporting skills on my work page. All stories were researched, shot, written, and edited by me while I worked at my previous job: Niagara News TV. And because of that job, I now how a ‘newsy’ voice as my new boss tells me…which I need to get rid of because I need to be fun while doing my new job: The Bull Summer Road Crue on 94.5 the Bull (and yes we spell it Road Crue like Motley Crue because we are just that cool). Enjoy and have a look!


Okay, so it’s been a while…

The biggest reason for that would be because I did a complete 180 with my life.

For starters I no longer work for a TV station in Niagara, I work for a radio station in Wingham.. Don’t know where that is; ‘Google it’. But I will save you the trouble, no where significant, and if you don’t already know where it is, there’s a reason…it’s in the middle of nowhere. But it has all the essentials in town:

Grocery Store-check, Beer Store-check, LCBO-check. So I am set.

So I had to pack up my things, and have recently settled into my very own place–for the first time might I add. It’s a lovely bachelor apartment which I happen to like very much…minus the lack of handles on all my cupboards in the kitchen: odd.

And I finally got my internet hooked up yesterday. So I am back baby. But this time in big old Wingham.


And I was happy it was going to be a long weekend.

I was excited about having Friday off… Now I have all week off. About a week ago I gave my two weeks to my current job, or should I say ex current job.

I thought I was starting the last week of my job, when little did I realize it was my last day. Called in for a meeting–and what do you know we all lose our jobs. Done, just like that, my first legitimate job.

And what better way for a bunch of unemployed people with no money to celebrate than to go out and spend money on liquor and food. So we did. Best Work Party Ever. I think it should be a week long party. Lets face it, we’re not busy, we don’t have any plans. A couple extra days off? I’ll take it.


Fire exit strategy

Luckily we have not had a fire in my building… I now fear if we did everyone would die.

This is what I found out today while trying to do the healthy thing and take the stairs–NOT. I had forgotten something in the office and I was not on my floor so I tried to take the stairs. Well what do you know the door is locked. Good thing too because if there was ever a fire and the elevators did not work we would all be locked inside. This is an excellent fire safety plan. I would love to see my building do a mock fire drill, I like to think it would look something like an episode of The Office.

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