Polar Bear Spray…It’s a necessity

Well I am coming up on the 5 month mark of living in Yellowknife. It has flown by–feels just like yesterday that I sweating buckets wearing this on a warm September night in Ontario…

Maybe this needs a little explanation–No that is not a monster, and yes that is what I look like every day heading to work in the Great White North.

This is my family giving me the proper send off complete with 17 layers of clothes to keep me warm, and who could forget the polar bear spray. My favourite piece of clothing–my brother-in-laws used red long johns (complete with a butt flap) And let me tell you those things are not as easy as you think to use! I wore those the rest of the night, but he wouldn’t let me keep them. I am happy to say I am now the proud owner of a pair of my own, thanks to my best friend.

It’s my family at it’s best. They even remembered my boyfriend. Supplying him with a blow-up doll in my absence. By the end of the night I found him face down laying on top of her–don’t ask.

That’s how we Steepers do–DOMINO smile!

  1. Mel says:

    Love it! That was a good party! Hope those items have come in handy for you over the last 5 months! Just thing the snow will be gone in what a month…oh sorry that here in Ontario. So by June you should have warm weather.. You might even be lucky enough to have snow on your birthday in May..Haha