Quite possibly the best pickup line ever..

There’s been plenty of times I’ve been unimpressed with the way a guy has tried to get my number… But this guy, I kid you not, almost made me leave my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years without speaking a single word to me…

I was actually on my way to see my boyfriend when I noticed an SUV keeping pace with me on the QEW… I could feel him staring at me.. So I looked. Sure enough our eyes met–awkward. This continued for about 5-10 minutes.. He passed me and stared, I passed him he stared. THEN he finally got the balls. He waved his phone in the air.. Like he was gesturing “can I get your number?”

Is this happening right now? Yes. Yes it was happening. I couldn’t help but laugh.. And blush I’m sure too. But I got to hand it to this guy, he didn’t give up there. He tried another time or two…until I finally just shook my head–sorry, no.

Would I have left my boyfriend for this complete stranger, maybe. No, of course not–come on. Is it still the best pickup ever if it didn’t work? Ugh yeah, yeah it is. That guy has game.