Snip Snip.


I took the  plunge. CHOPPED it all of. I’m still in shock.

For years I’ve been growing my hair out in hopes of one day becoming Rapunzal. It never happened. It never seemed to grow much past my boobs. In the past I’ve turned to dying my hair, getting a perm, or getting bangs to cure my boredom.

This time I turned to scissors.

Actually it’s all a lie…fake…my hair is just resting on my shoulders. Looks pretty good–right?

That’s thanks to my horrible camera on my  iPhone 4s. Yeah I still have a 4s. The camera isn’t great–but on top of that, the front and back of the phone is shattered and held together with scotch tape.  Because of the cracked screen, dust has managed to get up under the glass and ‘fog’ my camera.

I managed to trick about 4 or 5 people out of about 10 that I sent this snap to. One friend took a bit of convincing. He was NOT happen when I sent him this photo later in the day…we’re still not talking.

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