The cops got called during my wine tour


NO, I wasn’t the reason the cops got called.

To Canadians, the May 2-4 weekend is an excuse to drink. Who am I kidding, a long weekend in general is an excuse to drink. There’s something about the May long weekend though. It may be the fact that it’s the unofficial kick off to summer after a long cold winter–and things can get crazy.

Because my birthday is May 25th, I typically use the long weekend as an excuse to get some friends together for a wild time. This year, we decided to go on an adventure to Pelee Island.


Looks like a classy joint–right? Don’t let the word “winery” fool you.

My friends and I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we arrived.

It was around 1:30 pm on the Sunday of the May 24. You’d expected a classy (quiet) place filled with middle aged people sipping their wine, right? WRONG. We walked into a loud (awesome) band rocking out on the back patio that was filled with 20-somethings soaking up the sun. Stumbling through the doors was a man with a half unbuttoned shirt and cargo shorts on. He was surely going home with a hangover and a burn. This was not your typical winery.

We took the 2 pm tour.  It was informative and finished with a few tastings. Your typical tour–minus the cops being called half way through. Our tour guide caught 2 drunk guys down in the cellar trying to steal a bunch of wine.

After the tour was done it was time to get on the same level as some of the guests! You simply walk up to the counter, buy a bottle of wine and they ask, “Is that for here or to go?”

For here.

They open the bottle, you find a spot on the patio and enjoy the afternoon. We had 7 people in the group–so naturally we had 7 bottles of wine open on the table. Once they finished a few of us grabbed some more–because, why not?

By the end of it,we were drinking wine straight from the bottle.

Is it always like this? I don’t know. I asked a worker–she told me it was her first day. Was it because it was a long weekend? Did we just get lucky? Who knows. More importantly, who cares?

My point is more wineries need to be like this winery. Niagara, take note.