The Nipple Shirt

So last weekend I went to Sauble Beach to soak up some sun, get my tan on, and go for a swim. Now I realize when you go to the beach you need to be prepared for anything–and I’ve seen it all… Men in Speedos, topless women, nip slips, naked kids. It’s just what happens. But I stumbled upon an entirely new breed this time.

Now I wish I had taken a photo–but I just couldn’t stop laughing. The man beside us felt it was necessary for him to roll shirt up just enough to expose his sexy nipples and non-existent abs….He even went as far to roll it back up when it feel down once.

Now I’m not entirely sure why this man didn’t just take off his shirt off. Only reason I can think of is he thought he would have been exposing himself “too much”.

And the reason for him wearing his shirt like this include:

He didn’t want Chaffed Nipples… OUCH

Or maybe he just wanted to get a sweet ass tan on his nipples. Doesn’t everyone?

To avoid this chaffing problem… It’s simple make a bad ass cut off shirt.. One similar to this.

On Second thought.. Please don’t.