The Nudest Colony I visited on family vacation..

Never a dull moment when you’re with the Steeper family on vacation. So my parents rented a cottage again–and the trip was amazing! Always something new to experience… and I’d have to save the ratio of naked to not naked far exceeded any previous trip.

So we’re out on the boat and my boyfriend is trying to learn how to wake board–this involved a lot of start and stop, falling, and circling of the boat. So naturally we were in the same area for a while.. All of the sudden someone noticed an old man watching us from his cottage. Here’s the thing; we look a little closer–and wish we hadn’t.. The guy was naked! Just staring at us in the water. Us being the dumb asses we are just starred at him for like 5 minutes… Then we thought lets wave at him! Naked man then proceeded to scratch his ass and not wave. Shortly after he walked away–I think we scared him off. We all died on the boat laughing.

It was the one day I didn’t curse my horrible vision because to me, it was just a pale coloured figure… But to Steve (who seemed to look into it more than anyone else) confirmed the detail he saw… Let’s just say it wasn’t all pale.. there was a dark area as well. Steve would be the one to notice the ‘detail’ –weirdo.

So I may have fibbed a bit there–I didn’t go to a nudest colony.. but I got your attention didn’t I?