The Problems of Living by Yourself..

Sure there are lots of great things about living by yourself such as:

Leaving dirty dishes EVERYWHERE.

Leaving clothes EVERYWHERE.

Having your music at an absurd level.

Sleeping in until 12pm and staying up until 4am.

But when you are as forgetful and clueless as I am–you’ll lock yourself out of your apartment and you won’t have a roomie to let you in. It will be awful (minus the bad ass feeling you get while plotting your stealth break in).

So here is how it happened:

Friday night, just finished work, heading home to clean up the place and have some friends over for some drinks. One problem, I have no keys. So I managed to buzz someone in the building to at least get me in. The first attempt involved calling my landlords: dead end.

So I start thinking… Maybe I could get a really, really, big ladder and break through the window (wouldn’t be the first time). Or maybe I could break in with a credit card, you know, like in the movies. Turns out my neighbour has some experience with this. GREAT! So he heads down to the basement for some “tools”. Turns out his “experience” involves no skill and means practically breaking my door down and wedging a crowbar into the crack.. And what do you know–IN just like that.

Such a great feeling to know that you can break into my apartment in mere seconds with a crowbar. So, why even bother locking it, right?

Problems of living by yourself..

Oh yeah, and this.

Carrying all of the grocery bags up the stairs at once, because more than one trip is ridiculous.