There is a reason I look at the weather 8 times a day…

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Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m a little obsessed with the weather. I probably check my weather app a good 5-10 times a day.

Well my obsession saved my friend and I $50–let me explain.

When I say I’m obsessed I mean it. I’m not just checking the weather in my area, I swipe from current, to where my parents live, to Toronto, to Yellowknife.

  • SIDE NOTE: I lived in Yellowknife a couple of years ago. I’m a little nosey yes–but I use it to remind me how horribly cold it gets there in the winter…although in the spring/summer it’s backfired. They get some very nice sunny warm weather up there believe it or not.

A while back I was going to a TFC game. It was a gloomy day and when I checked, I saw there was a 70-80% chance of showers by the time the game started.

Dollarama to the RESCUE! I convinced my friend we should pick up some ugly ponchos just in case. He had suggested we just buy them there if need be–umm do you know how much they jack up the price on beer there? Imagine when it’s pouring rain what a poncho will cost you! (Besides, I wanted to save my cash for said beer).

We ended up throwing the ponchos on while hailing a cab to the game in a down pour–they were life savers. We met up with friends taking cover under the stands (as they did not bring ponchos). They bit the bullet and bought TFC ponchos.

Did they look nicer than my $1 garbage bag I was wearing–yes.

Were they better quality–yes.

But they cost $25 EACH!

Worst part… The rain stopped about 5 mins later–and it turned into a beautiful day.