This is how lazy I am..

So I’ve been in my place for about 6 months now or so–and I’d say for about 4 months… The lighting in my apartment hasn’t worked properly.

It all began with my living room light–it liked to ‘strobe’ every once in a while. I was down with that; I’d just have a wicked dance party when it happened. Then it stoped working completely. šŸ™ No more dance parties. So IĀ stole the lamp from my bedroom for light.

Problem fixed.

Then my kitchen light went out, and believe me playing with knives in the dark is a bad idea. But luckily I had a florecent light above my sink.

Problem fixed.

Then just the other day it was my bathroom light. And there is no window in that room. Not good. Let’s just say my makeup after that looked ummm… pair that with my patchy, shaved, legs…and my less than stellar hair-do–I looked like I came straight out ofĀ  a horror story.

I think it may be time for me to invest in a couple $2.79 light bulbs… Call me cheap, call me lazy, I think I’m being smart! Think about all that electricity I’m saving..