Water Pressure in Yellowknife is Insane

It came to my realization that yesterday (March 9) was the day I flew home from Yellowknife to start work in Owen Sound.. 1 year gone already, I can’t believe it. So I started reminiscing… and remembered one thing : The water pressure in YK is crazy insane.

Let me explain.

When I moved into my room in a 3 bedroom house, my landlord warned me there was something a little crazy with the shower–but there was no way I could ever prepare myself for what would become the WORST shower experience of my life. No the water wasn’t a funny colour, or way to cold/hot… it was the pressure. I mean I’ve had showers where there is a powerless stream coming down.. its like someone is just pissing on you–just awful. But I think this was worse.

You see the pressure was sooo strong, it was literally painful to be directly under it. So while I tried to manage this by sort of deflecting the water off the wall, I had another problem on my hands. The insane pressure was creating a tornado like wind within the shower.. And I mean it–the shower curtain was all over the place. Flying up in the air, blowing out, and back in and clinging to me like a suction cup–not to mention all the water that ended up on the floor because the curtain could not do its job. Clearly these are not prime showering conditions…but that is pretty much what happened every day for the 6 months I lived there.

Okay, well it wasn’t that bad because we fixed it…kinda. Hire a plumber? No. We got a really really long shower curtain with a bunch of weights on the bottom.. it seemed to kind of stay down and still.