Well this is it. The beginning of the end…

I have caved into society demands to be ‘hip’ ‘cool’ and start blogging. Yep, I am a sell out.

No, I just like to tell stories, even if it is at the expense of my embarrassment. Before we get into that though, a bit about me. I was born and raised on the farm, loved every minute of it…and no I do not have horses on my farm. But I was also born and raised on music. Lived it, breathed it, and picked up a guitar and started singing at a young age. I later on discovered that I could get paid for listening to the radio, which was already something I did quite regularly, it was really a win win situation. So I got into broadcasting.

Now basically this blog will be filled with the daily findings of Janel Steeper. It may just be an embarrassing story (that maybe down the road I will regret sharing) but really what good is the story if you don’t tell it? Or a funny or odd news story, like today:

Baby Gaga… No shes not pregnant. Its worse, much worse… Breast milk Ice cream. Sold in Britain, served in a martini glass for 14 pounds per serving, or about $22 for us Canucks.